Vintage Tribal Crossbody Bag – Light Brown


Material: Brown Suede, Embroidered Hilltribe Fabric

Dimentions: 31cm x 23cm

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Vintage Tribal Crossbody Bag is inspired by Nature & Tradition. Light Brown color bring to mind feelings of warmth, comfort, and security. Perfect For Women in Urban Life.

Planting cotton,raising silkworms,weaving and embroidering contribute to the most developed and long standing family handicraft traditional among the Thai and weaving is one of the most typical characteristics of the Thai culture.
In Thai textile,colours are of special importance,with bright and vivid colors.
Thai textile with various types of decorative patterns,fine arts skills…There are animals decorative patterns…
Materials for weaving and embroidering was cotton and silk in natural.


Keywords: balo-deo-cheo-nau-dat,


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