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Tour & Workshop: Touch, Dye, Feel & Craft Textitles

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Dear friends, Let's listen to the birds singing in the fields. Then continue to the sounds of weaving fabrics, scarves, or unique brocade clothes in the local village. Hoa Tien Brocade Tour is a journey that connects you with nature, people, and the natural life that we rarely notice. Those things are waiting for you in Hoa Tien village - the weaving cradle of more than 100 years of the Thai community.

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Each activity organized by Hoa Tien is a pride to the community. Your understanding is the happiness of the community. The process is formed from raw materials through skillful hands to become useful and unique handmade fabrics and products.


Natural dye workshop


Hoa Tien Brocade Tour


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"Uncommon Textile Journeys That Change Lives"

Decryption brocade patterns of Thai people
Weaving ikat - dyeing natural colors on silk or cotton with plants
Visit Hang Bua cave, Muong Chieng Ngam temple - learn the history of this place
Stream bathing - rafting - fishing in Nam Hat river. 
Experience in the kitchen cooking with Thai people
Cultural exchange, singing, dancing
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Craft & Practice

Learn the meaning of brocade patterns of Thai people in Hoa Tien village. Workshop to experience weaving ikat - dyeing natural colors on silk or cotton with plants. DIY your fabric.
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Experience Local Community Life

Rafting, catching fish, cooking, drinking wine, participating in stall dancing and listening to songs. Go for a walk and learn about the old stories of landmarks associated with community life.

Make your favourite handwoven textile & plant dye fabrics